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So now I have to stop watching Westworld. Go on your hunger strike somewhere else.

I will cancel HBO after GOT is over. Bunch of racist children on this so called movie channel. Bill Mare is a racist with all his wanna be celebrities. Can’t watch anything with Judd or Deniro in it either, the list goes on.

What a joke. Get over yourselves! You are not that important. Don’t even get me started on HBO boxing commentary.

Roy Jones is good but Max Kellerman is a joke. He should call the fight and write all the other crap he spews in his journal at night. I don’t want to hear that he thinks the fight should be stopped.

That is why there is a ref. Shut up Kellerman or just call the fight.

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QUOTE : " Can't watch ... " Incorrect.

Do not wish to watch. Your choice. You're not being forced to watch or conversely boycott anything by anyone. The Left makes every effort to force themselves down our throats, but -CLICK- they're gone.

It's not a QUOTE : " joke" as you seem to be fond of sarcastically employing to denote disapproval , it's 100% serious. These people are wallowing in delusion and a bitter Anti-American pervasion.